About Helen

Helen Kasper

Helen Kasper grew up in Angelino Heights in downtown Los Angeles and began her career when she started attending beauty school in 1987. After completion of her studies, Helen began styling hair at Carlton Hair International at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California. This is where her mentorship with Chaz Dean began and her career started to evolve.

Helen was soon promoted to junior stylist status at Carlton and shortly thereafter, procured an assistant manager position that included overseeing the teaching and training of all assistants working in the salon. When Chaz opened his own salon in the mid 1990’s, Helen joined him and while honing her hairstyling skills, she also undertook the additional responsibility of teaching and managing the assistant training program for the salon. Helen and Chaz enjoyed great success working and teaching together for more than twenty years.

Mentoring and working with Chaz over the years instilled in Helen a high standard of salon etiquette and customer service. She became highly skilled in thinking outside the box without sacrificing the integrity of the client’s hair. Helen became accomplished in techniques of highlighting hair with high lift tint instead of bleach. Most importantly, she became proficient in listening to the needs and desires of her clients.

Helen strongly believes that the suitability of color and cut along with the health and condition of hair is vastly important.

She draws inspiration from continued education by taking advanced courses at Vidal Sassoon Academy. These courses allow her to sharpen and refresh her skills in precision hair cutting and enable her to more effectively teach her assistants new and updated techniques. Helen uses WEN® Hair Care products at her salon. She feels these products maintain the integrity of the hair and optimal results are obtained for her clients by it’s ability to further strengthen, protect and nurture the hair.

As a hair professional, Helen is very punctual, responsible and prepared. She wishes to always be remembered as being mindful and attentive to her clients and having the utmost respect for the integrity of their hair.

My concern for the health of my client’s hair is what I take personal pride in. By taking the proper steps to ensure this, my clients' hair looks and feels it's very best. - Helen Kasper - Helen Kasper

Helen enjoys giving back to her community, as well. She honors a 50% discount to all Law Enforcement because “they risk their lives for us every day”. Her husband, Jon, serves as an LAPD officer and is passionate about keeping our streets and communities safe. In her personal life, she and her husband opted for the four-legged furry children! For fun, they used to compete in a dog sport called Schutzhund, but their dogs are now happily retired. Helen and Jon presently have a Belgian Malinios, a German Shepherd, a Rottweiler and two cats who get along great with the dogs. Helen and Jon love animals because “they’re always happy to see us no matter what type of mood we’re in, they love unconditionally”!

Helen’s other favorite things are going to the movies, visiting museums, relaxing at the beach and going back to her husband’s hometown of Boston and catching a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

Fun fact about Helen: It would be impossible for her to give up coffee!

Helen is currently located at “The Loft” Hair Studio in Sherman Oaks, California.